Poem by Emma Champion: “A Right-Royal Reflection”

Back in the day, when the Royals got wed,

the people of England pulled out all the stops.

Gatherings; street parties; flags stuck to cars

–  even those Union Jack pencil tops.

However, since Fergie and Di said their vows

amidst all the media frenzy and hype,

The Family Windsor have lost their allure;

and so, for a wedding, the timing is ripe.

Sceptics may claim that this union is

an intended distraction from government cuts;

Royalists will say it’s a joyous event,

and they’ll watch it on TV with lager and nuts.

No matter your standpoint, you’ve got to admit

that an extra day off is a rare novelty;

like the endless array commemorative tat

such as porcelain plates, mugs and trays for your tea.

Prince William and Kate are at least more a treat

for the eyes, than can Charles and Camilla profess;

and as for Prince Edward and Sophie’s “big” day

– does anyone even remember her dress?

So let us be swept up in patriotism

and pin up the bunting in spite of our pride;

let’s all be united in wishing them well

as it’s not every day that a Prince takes a bride.

Emma Champion

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